International committee

Peter Burbridge
Professor Emeritus for Coastal Management at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne

He held the Research Development Chair in Coastal Management at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. His main responsibility was to develop a research programme which addresses the need for improved scientific information relevant to the sustainable use of coastal areas and natural resources, and the effective use of such information in policy formulation, planning and management.

Stephen Olsen
Director of the Coastal Resources Center at the University of Rhode Island

After leading the team that prepared one of the first state Coastal Zone Management plans in the 1970s he has worked on a diversity of coastal issues in Latin America, South Asia, East and West Africa and Europe. He chaired the group that prepared the GESAMP document "The Contributions of the Sciences to ICM" that was published in 1966. He is currently a member of the Scientific Steering Committee of LOICZ and continues to work on methods for analyzing the process and outcomes of coastal governance initiatives.

Kerry Turner
Director of CSERGE and a Professor in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia (UEA)

Kerry specialises in environmental economics, coastal zone and wetland management, conservation economics and waste management research. He has published widely on these subjects including a number of best selling texts.

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Denis Bailly
University of Brest, Scientific co-coordinator of SPICOSA

Dr. Denis Bailly is lecturer in economics at the University of Brest, France. Dr Denis Bailly has conducted research on the economics of aquaculture development and environmental sustainability in Europe and Asia. He is scientific co-coordinator of the Integrated Project SPICOSA (6th FP) that develops and tests the System Approach Framework for science and policy integration in support to integrated coastal zone management.

Rhoda Ballinger
Lecturer at School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Cardiff

Over the last decade, and particularly as a member of the Marine and Coastal Environment research group, she has engaged in a quest for model institutional and policy frameworks to deliver Integrated Coastal Management (ICM). Within this period, she has undertaken a variety of research projects on aspects of coastal and estuary management for UK government agencies and others.

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Niall Benson
Chair of the Durham Heritage Coast Partnership

Niall is Chair of the Regional Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Group and is also Chair of the Limestone Landscapes Natural Area Partnership working to improve the quality of the local built and natural environment.

Until recently Niall was also Chair of the Coastal Partnerships Working Group that actively promotes Integrated Coastal Management and represents the views of voluntary Coastal Partnership Officers at a national level.

Pierpaolo Campostrini
Managing Director Corila

Since the year 2000 he is the Managing Director of CORILA (an association of Universities of Venice and Padua, the Italian Council of Research CNR the National Institute of Oceanography and geophysics OGS) devoted to the coordination of scientific activities for the safeguard of Venice.

He is President of Lagunet - Italian network for lagoon research, President of EUCC- Italy and member of the Council of EUCC -Coastal & Marine Union.

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Anders Carlberg
Maritime expert for Region Västra Götaland on the Swedish West-Coast

Mr Anders Carlberg is the maritime expert for Region Västra Götaland on the Swedish West-Coast. He is an economist with expertise in coastal management and fisheries issues and has been the programme director of the Swedish research programme SUCOZOMA. Since the 1980s he has been working in coastal development projects regionally and nationally as well as in collaboration with Norway and Denmark. At the Region he is responsible for implementing the maritime strategy for Västra Götaland.

Harry Coccossis
Professor, University of the Aegean. Executive Secretary of Tourism at the Greek Ministry of Tourism Development in 2007.

Professor of Spatial and Environmental Planning with specialisation in tourism planning, at the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly in Volos Research programmes covering development, tourism, spatial planning, environmental management and planning issues.

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Valerie Cummins
Director of the Coastal and Marine Resources Centre, University College Cork

Valerie is a Marine Geographer with expertise in both the natural and human environmental sciences. Her research interests cover a range of coastal governance issues including public participation, capacity building for coastal management, the science / policy interface and ecosystems frameworks.

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Karen Edelvang
Head of Department of Marine Geology and Glaciolgy at GEUS

Dr.Karen Edelvang is head of Department of Marine Geology and Glaciolgy at GEUS (the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland). She is former head of research at DHI. Dr. Edelvang has been expert member at ESFRI and FP7 programme committe for Environment (including climate). Today she is a member of the Danish council for strategic research, Programme Commission on Sustainable Energy and Environment.

Steve Fletcher
Senior Lecturer in Coastal and Marine Affairs, Bournemouth University

Research interests span all aspects of coastal and marine policy and management. Current research is focused upon the European Marine Strategy Directive, coastal management in Japan, emergent notions of marine citizenship, and sand dune use and management. Chair of the Coastal and Marine Working Group of the Royal Geographical Society.

Andreas Kannen
Deputy Head of the Department "Human Dimensions in the Coastal Zone" at the Institute for Coastal Research at GKSS Research Centre.

His research experience covers research on ICZM, Marine Spatial Planning and Coastal and Marine Governance. He is involved in several large scale national and European research projects, all being highly interdisciplinary, but has also worked with policy makers, e.g. in Germany and Croatia. Dr. Kannen is an active member in several international networks and serves in the Executive Committee of the German branch of EUCC-The Coastal Union.

Lawrence Mee
Visiting professor (formerly Director of the Marine Institute School of Earth, Ocean & Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth).

Leader of the Framework six European Project 'European Lifestyles and Marine Ecosystems'. Leader of the ESRC/NERC Seminar 'Human Development and the UK's Marine Environment' 2003-2005. Leader of the UNDP-TSC project for Transboundary Diagnostic Analyses and Strategic Action Programmes for the Global Environment Facility's International Waters Programme. 2003-2004.

Alex Midlen
Strategic Director CoastNet

Alex Midlen has over 20 years work experience in coastal management, spanning the academic, business, public and charitable sectors. During 10 years in local government Alex gained experience of local Plan Policy, developing policy for flood risk management and marine leisure, and planning for coastal development sites.

Alice Newton
Head of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, University of Algarve

Portuguese National and EU expert on the Water Framework Directive, and Norwegian National expert on the Marine Strategy. Chairperson at LOICZ.

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Albert Salman
Director General at Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)

Albert Salman is a senior executive with over twenty years international management experience co-ordinating a staff of 25 members; experienced senior expert with a broad orientation in coastal matters, specialising in Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM, ICM), coastal erosion management, coastal dune management and coastal ecology.

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Caroline Salthouse
4NW and North West Coastal Forum

Caroline is the Regional Coastal Project Officer for 4NW - the Regional Leaders Forum and regional planning body for North West England. As well as coastal planning policy work for 4NW a major part of her role is providing the Secretariat for the North West Coastal Forum, a regional multi-sector partnership working together to promote and deliver ICZM in England's North West. Caroline has extensive experience across the breadth of coastal issues and coastal policy formulation at regional, national and international levels and has taken an active part in several European Interreg-funded projects including SUSTAIN, CoPraNet (Coastal Practice Network) and Sustainable Port Cities. Caroline is a Board member and Trustee of the UK national coastal charity CoastNET.
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Fernando Veloso Gomes
Professor at the Faculty of Engineering; Hydraulics and Water Resources Institute, Porto University

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