Who is Littoral 2010 for? It has been a feature of the Littoral series of conferences (now in its 20th year) to bridge the gap between science and policy, between research and management. Littoral 2010 will be no exception. In fact we plan to make this the most integrated event yet!

For researchers:

A well organised and strongly themed programme with time for debate and a focus on reaching a new level of understanding. A wide selection of papers and posters, and the opportunity to develop papers further for inclusion in prestigious journals.

For policy-makers and managers:

There will be a special 'good practice' element to the conference, comprising posters, workshops, and networking events that bring together researchers, policy-makers and managers.

For project partnerships:

Collaborative projects, especially those funded through Europe's RTD and territorial cooperation programmes are the birth-places of innovation and nurseries of new policy and practice. Participation in Littoral 2010 will provide the opportunity to disseminate good practice, to meet with partners, and to form new working relationships.